Thursday, April 19, 2007

Trash Patrols in Chacala

All kinds of people are out and about cleaning up the trash left by vacationeers who were in Chacala for Semana Santa. As an experienced Chacala trash collector, I think there was less trash on the beach and in the camping areas than last year. And Chacala proper was much much cleaner.Last winter, when I was camping in the beach, I spent lots of money (for plastic bags) and time picking up the beach trash morning and night, mostly Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. So I remember pretty clearly how much trash there was.This group was out on the beach, early Tuesday morning. They collected alot of trash. I was very impressed. Every little bit makes a difference. There was another large group was out on Monday. And the schoolkids pick up plastic every Saturday morning.School kids and adults are working to keep Chacala, a town of about 350 people, clean and beautiful. I love to see it happen.There were probably 5,000 people here most of the days during Semana Santa, and you can still see some trash, especially in the palm grove, but it's looking pretty good around here.

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