Thursday, April 12, 2007

Final Fotos for Semana Santa, Maybe

The waves have calmed down after a days of kind of wild waves. There are still alot of people camping on the beach, and arriving for the day in big buses. Usually from Guadalajara, sometimes from other places.As usual, restaurant and shop owners complain about not having enough customers. There are lots of people wandering through the trinket shops though, and enjoying the beach. The waether is perfect. I am sleeping with one sheet over me, and the windows open.There is a large group of Koreans here in Chacala this week. A number of familieis I think, with lots of kids. They are staying at Posada Guadalajara, which has nine rental units. The group is using the very nice commercial kitchen at the hotel.
It's amazing to watch the lady cooks chopping away, and busily cooking for most of the day. They are using the big open room upstairs, overlooking the street and beach, for some kind of classes. And maybe for eating.I am hoping I will get a chance to chat with some of them before they leave. The owner told me they live in Mexico, and take group vacations regularly. And that this is the first time they have come to Chacala. I love seeing Oriental faces here. It adds to the cosmopolitan atmosphere. Just kidding.

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