Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Semana Santa en Chacala 3

I walked up the Chacala beach this afternoon. It's starting to get pretty crowded. Some folks set up their tents on the roof of one of the beach restaurants.This is the view of the beach from Chico's restaurant, which was jam packed.

I just noticed a couple of changes around town tonikght. There are six street lights along the beach road. I hate them. Too bright. But it does make it easier for people to walk around, etc.This is the first year I noticed police bedding for thenight here. The little building that's in the fenced-in area where the town water pump is, now had three or four beds in it, and four or five cops hanging around, keeping at eye on things. I guess. The waves have gotten smaller since yesterday, but they are still kind of big. People are being pretty careful.

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