Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Pascua in Chacala

These are photos from around town. The row of trees is part of a long row of palms, planted by the hotel a few weeks ago. Everyone seemed to park carefully during Semana Santa, and they seem to be doing okay. I don't know why they planted them, but maybe to block the junky view in front of the hotel.

These ladies had the right idea, lots of shade. I have the impression that at least 50% of Mexican men on vacation wash their cars every morning. This guy is a guest at Concha's new units (actually, her son Luis's new units). They are very nice units, with kitchens and hammocks on the covered patio, and nice ocean views.

These young men saw me taking pictures and asked me to photograph them. Their hair was kind of a stand-out in staid old Chacala.
This is a view from my patio toward Aurora's little rental complex. I love how it looks.
This is a view of the beach from my house, a few days ago.

I stayed at home yesterday, mostly, except for going out to dinner next door, at my favorite neighbors. It was a gringo-local dinner, a going-away party for Freddie, the stone-worker. It was very nice. Everyone spoke enough Spanish to get by, and we laughed and joked alot. And learned some new words and facts. Like Guayabas (a local fruit) are also called Persimmons. Which I had heard of before and had never seen in the U.S. The weather is perfect, but the waves are very large this morning. Yesteday too. The pattern of waves, from calm to fairly large, doesn't seem to be predictable. I like watching them crash though. The beach is starting to empty out, and the trash doesn't look too bad this year.
This morning the birds were really chirppy, singing away. I tried to take some photos, but they didn't turn out very well.Someone pointed out a really strange looking bird to me a couple of days ago. A Chacalupa (sp?). It's in my bird book. We saw a pair, in a tree. It looked like they had a baby tucked away someone in the brush. Very unusual song. I am listening for it around my house, but haven't heard it yet.

This is Butcho, who collects aluminum cans, and sometimes plastic. He is very persisitant and hard working. I try to save my cans for him, but I don't get very many.

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