Sunday, April 08, 2007

Life with (paying) Guests, in Chacala

Got home about an hour after dark last night, Saturday. There are six-eight guests from Guadalajara staying in the two downstairs sleeping rooms. The guests were complaining that the extension cord/light bulb I had hooked up for the bathroom was gone.

Of course, the little local elf had taken it, but I had another one, and I hooked it up so there was light in the downstairs unit shared bathroom. No water problems since I dismantled the flush mechanism on the downstairs toilet. I have to keep the water barrel on the front steps full, but that´s easier for the guests than having no water at all. They can just get a bucketful of water from the barrel to flush. The downstairs shower still works, as long as the toilet is being flushed with a bucket. And no one is fooling aound and the vandalizing flushing mechanism.The best time to internet is first thing in the morning. Telmex gets completely overloaded nights and weekends, and the connection is incredibly slow. Oh well. So, while I am waiting for the internet place to open I am writing at Fonda Lupita. I am amazed at how strong Dona Lupe is. We are about the same age and she was been working 18 hours a day for the past ten days. Luckily she has daughters and women friends to help her. I have been going back over my posts for the last 15 months, looking for things that seem problematic, rude, etc. I didn't find much. That’s not to say that I don't occassionally write critical opinions, without names,which, I believe is my privilege.

I have been thinking about the pet peeves I write about here. For example:

Speeding construction trucks (sometimes 150 a day) driving in and out of the gated development - and driving 65 mph thru residual areas filled with kids and dogs and chickens.

Giant speeding trucks with inadequate mufflers grinding there way to and from the development from 5:30am until after 11pm.

People who have bowel movements on the rocks or on the beach, or on the side of the road. Or ten feet from their camp. Or leave their babies diapers on the beach.

Greedy developers .

People who brag, "This is Mexico and I can do anything I want here", and then do it. (loud music in particular)

Developers building ugly and/or inappropriate buildings or blocking beach access

People who only drive around town (no walking)

Speeding SUVs headed in and out of the gated development, often at 50/60 MHP or more

Anyone bringing jetskits to Chacala

Rental owners who misrepresent or provide inaduequate services to renters.

Motos and huge SUVs speeding thru child-filled neighborhoods or driving on the beach, which is illegal in Mexico

Loud music until 2-4am, Really loud music. Music so loud it vibrates cement walls three blocks awayI think that’s a pretty complete list of the annoying things I have commented about here. Or most of them.

Oh, one more thing. If you don't like what I write, or think I have made a factual error, or an error in judgment, feel free to talk to me, to email me, or to add a comment to this blog.

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