Saturday, November 24, 2007

Twos in Chacala

It's raining in Chacala right now. The rain started a couple of hours ago. It's about 9:30pm. Not a downpour, but a pretty solid rain. I had to go outside and move things around a bit. I'm out of the habit of making sure things are protected out there, since the rainy season is usually over by the middle of October.There was a pretty bus down at the beach parking area this afternoon, covered with red designs. It turned out to be a dance troop that does very old dances from long ago, in Mexico. I ended up visiting with the adults for a couple of minutes. These folks had camped on the beach last night, and were on their was to Tepic to do a big performance in Tepic tomorrow, all day Sunday.
It's an old troupe, with grandchildren, parents, and great-grandparents, and grandparents involved and performing, in costume. I had a dinner invitation for tomorrow night. But I asked the people to let me know about the time and location, and I haven't heard from them. So I think I will take the bus up to Tepic tomorrow. I have to take some photos of a house Juan the painter has been working on, first thing in the morning. Then I will take off.
There is a website that has a weekly photo contest, with a cool first prize(s) for the best photo, as determined by voting viewers. I entered my first photo this week. The subject was "Two", and I picked a two-people photo to enter, without thinking. I actually have non-people "two" photos too.
But I decided to post these photos from the last year, just because I like them.
There is someone playing very loud music tonight. I assume it's the hotel up the road. But I don't want to go out in the rain to look. And it doesn't matter anyway. Besides, I like the music. I think it's not live music. For one thing, the singer can sing in tune. For another, there are more instruments that just 15 trumpets and 15 drummers, and I don't think they are using the normal 1/2 dozen of the biggest speakers I have ever seen. That's the musical taste of the owner of the hotel. So maybe it's coming from somewhere else.
I went to the plant nurseries, the vivero, today, and got 13 plants: 5 bouganvilleas, 2 Desert Roses, and 6 Kalanchoes. And three big sacks of nice dirt. Very satisfying. Clemen's baby shower was yesterday, late afternoon. It was supposed to start at 3:30 and I went over about 4:15. I could see from the shortcut that it wasn't really going yet. So I did some errands, and got there at about 5, and it started a little later. I had a nice time, visiting and playing with the kids a little. I think I have been to a dozen of these events. They are pretty much the same. Which makes it easier to act more or less appropriately. Usually, when you arrive at the party, you get a little decorative pinned on your shirt. Then, if you cross your legs or ankles any time during the party, the person who sees you do it runs across the yard and takes your pin. The first shower I went to, someone ran across the room and grabbed my pin off my shirt. I must have looked pretty shocked, because everyone laughed and joked. It took me awhile to understand what was going on. The person who has the most pins at the end of the party wins a prize.

I had a nice time. Easygoing and comfortable feeling.


wayne said...

Loving the pics of people just being people. My two favorites are the guy getting on the bus with his son. Did you do that in sepia or is that the natural light in the bus? I really like the surfers where you can see into the water and see his whole body underwater. Cool.

Andee said...

Hi Wayne, thanks. I did that Dad and son on the bus to San Miguel, from Guanajuato. I had only had the camera for a couple of weeks and didn't have a clue.
But the man and the boy let me take about 20 photos. I really was lucky to get to practice on them. I ended up taking photos of about half the people of the bus, at their request.I guess we all were bored with the bus ride.
I change it to sepia after the fact.
Thanks, Andee

deborah said...

Beautiful pictures Andee. What kind of camera do you have, must be a bit bigger and and better optics than my little travel size camera. I think the pic of the man and his son on the bus is a real contender for the contest, good luck. Deborah

Andee said...

I have a Canon Supershot A620. It was a gift from my son last Fall. I am still learning about how to use the camera, but it's really fun for me. Thanks for writing. Andee

Paul said...

You really have a talent for photography, your pictures are getting better and better. I look forward to seeing more.

Andee said...

Hi Paul, thanks for saying that. I am just loving taking pictures. I seems different almost everyday. Like I see things different thru the lens or something. I have so much to learn.

Thanks again.