Monday, November 19, 2007

Good Deeds in Chacala

When Chacala visitors email me to ask what they might bring down, I usually suggest they bring some materials for the Kindergarten. The teacher this year, Arturo, seems to be very artistic. The Kinder looks great, decorations all over. Arturo handmade tons of streamers for the big day tomorrow. Revolution Day. There will be a kid parade first thing in the morning, and then a big comida at the schoolyard.
These two visitors to Chacala, Mike (3rd visit) and Debbie, (2nd visit) brought a couple of sacks full of things for the Kinder. Arturo was very pleased. And I know the kids will be too.
The Chacala kids, lead by the Bibliotecha administrator, Viki, and with support by Pablo, also known as Arturo, spent Sunday morning trying to finish the clean-up of the plastico basura/trash collection site. It's right near the gate to the development. The kids work every Sunday morning, picking up the litter Chacala tourists and people/workers entering the development, toss on the side of the road and on the beach.Pablo recently graduated from a two year tourism program at a college in P.V. He was partially supported by a scholarship via the Bibliotecha program. He is now helping his brothers, Cundo and Juan, run several tourist business in Chacala. Including an airport pickup service, tourist tours, boat rides, and surfing and fishing trips.
A big truck came last week and hauled the giant sacks pull of plastic bottle away. I think Viki said they actually sold some of the plastic.
These lovely cows volunteered to get over the road the other morning, so the collectivo could get by.
They moved very politely off the Chacala-to-the-highway road, without even a moo of complaint. This section of the road, near Rancho Miralta, is very dangerous. It's curvy and you never know when there will be a single cow or a whole herd in the middle of the road. . Or when some speeding monster truck will come blasting thru. About two weeks ago two young men from Las Varas killed themselves (accidentally) by going too fast on the pot-holey section of the paved road. Someone told me the car flipped, right before you reach the dirt road turn-off to the beach. Very, Very sad.

Their Memorial on the side of the road was put up a few days ago. I am so glad there is a tradition of marking the locations where people died. I think it helps people remember to slow down.

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wayne said...

Arturo sounds like a gem and a really good teacher. I love encountering cows along the road while driving. They scare the heck out of me! Helps keep me alert.