Sunday, November 04, 2007

Quiet Sunday in Chacala

Chacala was very nice today. Lots of tourists from around the area. Sunny, bright, breezy and very warm. The ocean looked turquoise and beautiful. The shrimp boat that came a few days was gone. And no monster trucks were busy destroying the road, the air quality, the safety of Chacala's roads or our ear drums.

I took a visitor on a longish walk this morning. He wanted to see the south end of Chacala. The sand is coming back and covering the rocks on the beach at that end. Looks great.
We visited Majahua, (small hotel, restaurant, spa, now bar) and inspected their really nice new addition to the restaurant area. The upper floor of the new addition includes new office space and a view terrace for people using the new bar on the main floor, an expanded kitchen area, and a new bar with three new patios to sit on and watch the sunset. Very nice.We walked by my old beach camping site. And visited a few of the cuesto (shack-type) restaurants. first was Dona Lupe's "Fonda Lupita" and then Polo and Berta's "Polo's Tacos". Their daughter America was was helping out today, since there was no school. The visitor decided to try one of Polo's Famous Taco's and I ended home.I had a nice little meal at home. The tortilla guy came by the house just has I got home, so I had carne and cheese and tomatoes on the very skinny tortillas. Very good. And a piece of brownie from my first brownie experiment in my new oven.

Contrary to normal behavior, the three different visitors, local people, who came by while I was eating, actually liked the brownies and ate more than I wanted them too. Normally local people here don't especially like gringo treats and vice-versa. Except for flan. But I had the bad to luck to have brownie lovers visit me at just the wrong moment. When the brownies were out in the open, on the table. And there was no way getting around sharing. Good for my blood sugar I suppose.

I did errands in the late afternoon. I am still getting used to it getting dark so early. Walked home in the dark. My new windup flashlight, given to me as a gift by Budd, is so cool. It works great. My previous wind-up flashlight, also a gift, bit the dust awhile ago. Budd reads this blog and was touring around visiting the coastal towns. The light was a nice gift and a great surprise.

I also got another gift this week. I think maybe I already mentioned this. Kathy, who has a vacation place in the gated development, gave me a pair of those new style rubber sandals. And they are very comfortable. I really like them. Another nice surprise, sort of out of the blue. Well, not totally out of the blue. She had seen my whiney Post about being almost shoeless in Chacala and generously gave me this nice gift.

Two very thoughtful gifts in the last week or so. I am so lucky. Plus my son brought me tons of stuff too. I should check my stars and see what stars were aligned, and when it's going to happen again. Nest week would be good.

Not only that, a great new blogging friend of mine is sending me a package. A surprise, via DHL. Very cool. What a nice time of year for me. I am so lucky.

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