Saturday, November 10, 2007

Scenes of Chacala: The Downside

I like to walk around Chacala in the evening, before dark. To go swimming, buy milk and whatever, do errands, and visit with friends. And take photos. These are from the other day.On this particular evening I was carrying a plastic trash bag with me. I started cleaning this mess up, and a Mexican family camping nearby helped me. A vendor, from Las Varas, who was selling food here, just left all this mess behind.
This is the home of some friends. It's part of a two-building family "complex". Kind of like the Kennedy summer place at Cape Cod. There's an empty lot right new door.

About three winter ago a realtor, a gringo visitor, bought this lot. It had a ramshackle structure on it when he bought it. Bad guys apparently started using it as a hideout or something later on. His local property manager, the hard-working Laura Sura, contacted him, and suggested the building needed to be torn down. He agreed, and had the work done, thru Laura. But lots in Chacala with absentee owners have the same problems as do similar lots in NYC.
Or anywhere. A vacant lot without an local owner taking care of it becomes a place where trash is dumped and, weeds grow, and animals live. Ugly.This man appeared to be either ill or hungover. It took him ten minutes to stagger over to Juanita's old place, next to Chico's, to urinate in public. There are "bano"businesses within twenty five feet of where he relieved himself, where he could have done it in privacy.

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