Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Chacala's Big Day

Each year I have celebrated Chacala's version of Revolution Day by watching the local children march thru town. Most of the kids wear revolutionary costumes. All the kids are pretty energized and high spirited. Pre-school thru 8th grade.And since I got my camera last Fall, I get to take photos. I have the best ones printed and pass them out a few days after the parade, the denfilade.We started at south end of the beach road, walking past the cuestos (small shops) on the east side of the street. Gringos from the camping area came over to the fence and took photos.I feel so lucky to be able to be around children every day of my Chacala life. And to know their names, and remember many of them from their first months of life. And to know who their Mom is, and their Dad and siblings and grandparents, and even aunt's and uncles.

The Moms from Concha's parenting class (a state sponsored year long class called "educacion inicial") leads the way, with their precious little kids, mostly wearing special outfits. Along with the Kindergarteners and their teacher, Arturo.One of the little girls was terrified by the sound of bottle rockets which which went off every few minutes. I don't even hear them anymore. I couldn't figure out what was scaring her for a couple of minutes.

And then the Primeria students, years 1 thru 6.Followed by the secundaria students (7th and 8th years).
After the parade headed up the hill, I hung around at Marcella's, waiting for the collectivo. I had carried my laundry down the hill and stashed them under a table on Marcella's patio before the parade. It's my monthly trip to the lavanderia, where they wash my 8 sheets, 8 pillow cases, and 6 towels. They are just to hard to wash by hand. Or I am too lazy, or both.


deborah said...

Hi, Andee, The children of Chacala look so beautiful and happy. Can't wait to see for myself, soon. Thanks for sharing. Deborah

Chris said...

My husband and I camped at Chacala for a month a few years ago and it is truly a special place. A long ways from Seattle. Your photos are spectacular. I enjoy them so much. The young woman with the pale green headband, what a beauty. And in the Las Varas segment, the girl dressed in pink. The lighting was perfect. You seem to be able to capture the heart of whatever you aim your camera at. Thanks for the little piece of Chacala. Chris