Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Small Changes Around Chacala

The weather in Chacala is perfect this week, mid-to-high 80's. Low, low humidity. Sunshine and a nice breeze. Lovely sunsets.There are more tourists here now than there were at this time, last year. I see a few every day. And least two gringo couples or families from the development are in Chacala, and five camping vehicles. Only one of which appears to be a motor home. Mostly trailers or campers. Two sailboats and on motorboat. I guess that's what you call the ones without sails. And maybe six or seven sets of people staying in rentals. People from the U.S., Canada, or Europe.

There are now six gringos living here year round. I am counting people who have been here almost a year or more, and who didn't leave for the six months of summer. That's a record. Last year there were three. And two the year before that. I think that's right. The people count gets a little blurry over time.Trini, (of Spanish teaching, Airport Van Services, and Chacala Escapes rentals), is working together with Juanito and a couple of other young adults to put on a three day event in Chacala next weekend. It's for teens, and seems to be about having a spiritual life and lots of fun and music. But I might be totally off base about the whole thing. I read the poster in the dark, and don't understand Juanito's Spanish very well. He goes faster and louder in Spanish when I don't understand him.

No jet skis this week. What a shame.

Some of the local building projects are moving toward completion (Karla's three new rentals, the place across the paved road from Gordon's, Majahua's new remodeled restaurant, bar, new terraces, and office area, and B&B's beautiful new home).Some other projects have a ways to go: a big addition to the back of Mar de Jade's main building. And about five other buildings, including the dentist clinic building. And maybe 4 living spaces. And a remodel and installation of a septic and underground water storage (hebe) vault at partially completed home.The ocean water is especially clear these days. I guess the storms out in the Pacific have ended, at least for now.Some places on the beach road are getting in gear for the gringo tourist season. Gabe is coming down from Tepic every weekend now, to open his internet place. And Koko-bongo's expects to have internet for customers soon. And Las Brisas has wireless for customers right now. Las Brisas has a new stand for selling ice cream and fruit drinks and other things.It's right on the beach road, and looks very nice. I don't know when they are opening.
Berta has a little drinks and snack stand at the door of her home every morning. Very enterprising. She also does the school lunches at the Rotary built kitchen at the Primary, and works with her husband at their Polo's Taco stand on the beach road.

Can't think of any other new business enterprises. Oh. Om/Ogla of the de Valle family is planning to open something at her newly built "Columns" building above the dinghy beach, near the muelle(fishing dock). She isn't sure what she will be selling, but maybe coffee and treats. Don't really know. She is still figuring it out, I think.

Life in Chacala goes on. Everyone seems to be getting ready for the winter visitors. There haven't been quite as many giant dirt/stones/and gravel trucks this part few days. That's a nice thing, at least for me.

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mike said...

we will be in chacala again in january.
My wife & I are looking to find a escape on a long term plan, but your blog seems to discouriage any more people to come. Is that really the feeling around town?
I hope not. To make a long story longer- Chacala looked to be like the place to make a difference in our lives, if, we could also have an impact on the lives of others.
Miguel at