Friday, November 30, 2007

Messages for Chacala

Four times now I have received e-mails from someone who either used to live in Chacala, or whose family still lives in Chacala.The first time, a few years ago, Lupe found this blog on the internet. She lives in California. Her husband grew up here, in Chacala, and his Dad is living here now. She and her family had visited here that summer. When she got back to California, she googled "Chacala" and found this, and wrote me.We have been writing off and on ever since. She asked me to take photos of her father-in-law, which I have done. And she has emailed me photos of her wonderful family. I put them on a CD and have them printed up. To pass onto her father-in-law. He has the photos stuck up in his house. Including copies of the photos I took of him.

The next time, the adult son of someone who lives here in Chacala wrote me, also from California. He lived here as a child, and asked if I could take some photos of his Dad and some of his friends here. He also googled "Chacala". And I did.And a few days ago, a woman who lives in Tiajuana, wrote. She also found this blog googling Chacala". She doesn't speak or write English. She sent me a "Comment", but with no email address. So I wrote her a post asking me to write via email. Which she did. She said she left here 19 years ago, or that she IS 19. And told me who her family is. And, of course, they are people I know. She asked me to say hello and offer them hugs and kisses.And another person wrote. I can't remember which family he is from, but the members of his family were not happy to hear from him, so I never wrote back.

And I don't know if this will be good news or bad news for this family, but I will find out tomorrow probably.Another odd use of the internet and blogging. It's feels sort of funny, and a little strange to be an interet email delivery person. But the day I handed over photos of his son, and his sweet looking family, to Lupe's father-in-law, he was so full of smiles. I was really really nice for me.

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