Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Gringo Tourist Season, in Chacala

My life in Chacala affords me lots of time for thinking and wondering about things. I rarely have commitments eating up my time or thoughts, especially in the quieet months, late April thru late November. But this relaxed and easy downtime is rapidly coming to an end. At least for the next three months or so. A couple of the "winter" gringos are strating to trickle in , and some never left. It's just amazing how quickly the atmosphere can change around here. I don't especially like the winter season in Chacala. Oh, I like my local friends, the beach, the ocean, the plants, the birds, the climate, time to work on my projects, and take photos, the orchards, the children, visiting with my friends, the view, the food, and going to the other beaches around here. Las Cuevasa and Chacallila.And there are a number of very nice people who are coming down in the next few months, and I am looking forward to seeing them, and visiting and hanging out together. In fact, some are here already. And we just had a pleasant dinner at Majahua.

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deborah said...

yes, unfortunately for you chacala has been discovered. i too live in a pretty pristine area of montana that has been "discovered". and yes, it will never be as it was when i came here 22 years ago. i try to focus on the positive and and get involved in the community to do what i can to ease the tension of the enevitable growth. as it sound like you do also. i hope when i visit next month to be a contributer in some way.