Monday, November 26, 2007

Chacala Weather Info Centro

Now that I have a weather thermometer and humidity thingie, (a great gift from a nice visitor) I can stop using PV weather data and my guesses to talk the weather here. Right now, at 1:30pm MST it's 82 F degrees and 52 whatever humidity. An hour ago it was 86 degrees F and 65 humidity. I don't know why it's cooling off in the hottest part of the day, or why the humidity is dropping. I have a lot to learn about the weather. Other than the basics, as in, cold/hot, humid/not humid, rain/no rain, snow/no snow, and wind/no wind. I do know when the sky looks really neat. I was down on the beach not long before sunset when this was going on. It felt like god was sending down a message or something.Mirador, a popular Chacala rental, is located right on the low bluff over the ocean. It now has a new palapa, grass sod everywhere, and a brand new tiled counter in the upstairs kitchen on the patio unit.This is Las Brisas's spiffy new juice bar and ice cream place, located in the edge of their parking area, on the beach road.

The following photos are from a recent baby shower in Chacala. An Australian woman and her daughter, and I were gringa invitees. Nice party. Nice folks. Lots of laughing. I am feeling pretty contented in my life right now. Somehow I never or rarely see the folks I would prefer not to see. And get to spent nice times with the people I enjoy. And there are some nice gringos here now. I like Chacacla in November. The weather is great, and there aren't many tourists.

I am waiting for my pizza dough to rise. It's hard to wait. I am starving. I am going to go out and cut up a pineapple for a snack.


Jennifer said...

Whenever I see the first picture - or anything in real life that is just like that, I always see the suns rays shining down like that, it always makes me think of Gods arms reaching down. I love it when I see the sky like that. It always happens when I am having a rough day. To me it is Gods way of saying everything is going to be ok :)

Andee said...

Hi Jennifer, Me too. There were a number of people standing on the beach. Stopped still, watching the sky. It was an amazing moment. Everyone was quiet, only the sound of the waves.

Thanks for writing.

Jim McCrary said...

Hi Andee..we still read your blog often and it always makes us realize what a great place Chacala is and we appreciate and respect all your comments. Take care.

Sue and Jim in Kansas