Thursday, November 15, 2007

Chacala Construction News

Okay, I did another count of construction projects currently going on around Chacala.
I don't imagine this will be too interesting to anyone who hasn't visited Chacala. But the topic interests me, so I am posting this. I included the aproximate length of construction, so far.

Remodeling Projects
Unfinished house just north of Beatriz's: an addition, walls, septic tank and el hebe ( 1 month)

A 2nd story to a gringo house on one of the eijido lots at the very top of the road that goes uphill, east from Concha's and Socorro's (1 year)

Mar de Jade's addition the their large building just off the beach (7 months)

Majahua's addition to the restaurant area: offices, terraces, bar, remodeled kitchen (6 months)

Nueva Espana: pool repair appears to be complete. Sixth unit is almost completed. The pool was full or water and kids yesterday. (6 weeks)
Completion of the building created around the old stone columns at the dinghy beach.( 1.5 years?)

Current commercial construction projectsRentals and restaurant: 2 story structure on the beach: (2 years+)
2 and 1/2 story real estate offices(rentals) and owners unit blocking beach access (2 years+)
Dental clinic on the paved road, one story, so far (1.5 years)

Spec house ( 2 photos above) on the rocky slope to the east of the paved (1.5 years?)
Rental:3 unit/2 story plus roof patio on the dirt road and near the gate to the development
(1 year)
Rental structure, 2 stories, across from the NW corner of the Primaria playground
(10 months?)
Rental/vacation home: ( 2 photos above) Large red 2 story plus roof patio overlooking the Malecon (1.5 +years)
Rental/vacation home: 2nd floor rental additon to vacation home. , just south of the Primary school (6 months?)

Private (vacation?) home on the little secondary dirt road, parallel to, and just east of the paved road, above the white hotel (less that 4 months)

Private home behind the cow corral, to the east of the paved road (six months?)

Private home, 1 or 2 stories, on a lot between the paved road and Terry's El Faro rentals on the dirt road (1.5 years)
Private home, 1 story plus roof patio, on the paved road, just before the development gate
(3+years)Private (vacation?). (2 photos above) 3 story home, plus roof patio, just behind the red building that overlooks the Malecon (? 7 months)
2 story vacation home/rental just north of the big white hotel on the paved road.

There are some other, unfinished and semi-abandoned buildings around town.
One of three unfinished homes in the eijido area surrounding Casa Pacifica

Several homes on the hillside directly above the paved road near the center of town

A few structures tucked away in the center of town

An unfinished tri-plex (rentals and family vacation home) on the paved road, next door to Juan Luis's rentals
Two partially completed vacation homes being built way up on the hillside at the south end of Chacala (2 and 3 years)
One vacation home on eijido land just to the east of the Majahua and Mar de Jade property lines (1.5 years)

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