Saturday, May 19, 2007

Some New Chacala Rentals

This past few weeks I have been taking photos of some of the new, locally owned, rentals around Chacala. I take the photos for my rental blog. And so local owners can add the photos to their “For rent/Se renta" signs they post in their stores or wherever.

The enlarged photos came out pretty well. The developer finally used a matte finish. I have been trying to get him to do that since I started having photos printed here, but it never happened. But these photos look very nice. Berta's brand new rentals.
There are 40 rental businesses here in town (and about 160 rooms plus Mar de Jade), and more than half are locally owned. Some of the owners ask me for help in renting their units. These rentals are new, clean, and, with screens, fans, tile floor and baths. Bert'a has lovely kitchens, the others don't. The units without kitchens work well for visitors who want to spend the day out and about or at the beach. And to mostly eat in restaurants. Angeles (and Frank's) new rentals.
These four photos are of newest locally owned rentals in Chacala. They are Casa de Berta's (she hasn't chosen a name yet), Casa de Angeles's, and Casa de Antonia. And Guilles at Los Pelicanos. At least those are their names for now. These rentals are all locally owned, and very nice.
Antonia's new rentals
I am trying to help with finding ways to draw the attention of potential rentals to these locally owned rentals. They don't get as much attention as some of the fancy, more expensive places, and they usually don't have a way to advertise their units.

The main thing I can do is post them on my Chacala Budget Rentals website. But we also brainstorm about ways to advertise, and how make the patios or whatever more attractive to people looking that photos of the units. Or to catch the eyes of people driving /walking around town, looking for a vacation rental. And we have been developing some value-added possibilities that the renter might offer to entice renters. Guilles (Los Pelicano's) new rental, directly on the sandy beach.
There are a couple of businesses here in town that advertise some of the rentals here in Chacala. One is Chacala Escape, run by Trini, the local Spanish teacher. She and her husband, Cundo, also have the airport pickup and tourist tours service. The other business is run by an American woman, at They both charge a percentage for their services, and advertise some of the rentals in Chacala.

The birds are singing like crazy, and the morning sunlight is pouring in the window. It’s defnintely a wonderful day in the neighborhood. May is the nicest time of year in Chacala. Well, actually, it's one of many beautiful months here. But there are few tourist here, and that's a plus for me. And some visitors appreciate being one of only a few tourists in town.

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jllams said...

I hope you ignore the petty comments from negative posters. Unfortuneatly persons like yourself who enter the public arena will attract person with an ax to grind.

Just remember that the vast majority of us enjoy your postings, especially since you added photos of Chacala and surrounding area.

Keep up the good work.