Friday, May 25, 2007

Jumping in the Pond, Near Chacala

I'm don't seem to be in blogging mode lately.
But I wanted to post these two photos of me . Here I am, jumping into the clear, spring-fed pond at Tovara, the swamp and crocodile place we visited last week. The photo is thanks to my cat-loving friends in L.A.

I was scared a croc was going to bit my leg off. And I was out of the water in about 2 seconds. A Chacala friend told me that there is a watchman standing on the dock, watching for crocodiles. And that when he sees one he screams for everyone to get out of the water. I don't know if that's true or not. But I don't find it reassuring.I was telling Berta but my trip to Tovara. She said that there is a guy standing at the edge of the water, looking down, watching for crocodiles all the time. And when he spots the big old guy who likes to swim into the area, he yells and everyone scrambles for shore.

There was a big quincenera party this week and here are some photos, of the invitation and of the honorees and some of her escorts. The boys asked me to post pictures of themselves here. So I will. There are more photos for I need to ask the people in them if they are okay with being posted. During the Mass/Missa for the quincenera two motos, one driven by a six year old (maybe), stopped on the road outside the church and revved their motors for a couple of minutes. No mufflers, of course. They didn't appear to be guests or participants in the service. They just drove off.

There is a new residential construction project going on across the road and over a few lots. On top of Huitchol's vacation house. It looks like two rentals, but who knows.
These carpenters, or helpers, unloaded truckloads of bricks all day. By throwing them thru the air in clumps of 2 to 6 bricks at a time. I didn't get any good shots of sthe six-brick throws, but these were pretty good. I love all the construction being done by hand. Mixing concrete, etc.
They work really quickly, and quietly. I didn't even see a wheelbarrow on this job.
There was one worker on the job yesterday who repeatedly hit and chased another, much smaller, worker. I got some good shots of him beating on the little guy. Which I am printing today, and plan to pass on to his co-workers. Maybe.

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