Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Boat Ride to Another Beach

A couple of days ago some of us took a boat ride to the next beach south of Chacala. You can walk there, but....I, personally, don't mind the 2 hour walk over, but coming back is tooo much. Usually you can arrange for someone to pick up for a boat ride home.

We DID walk to the muelle, where the boat was anchored. On the way we stopped at Angeles and Frankie's arriba tienda, for snacks.
And checked out the decorations for the "Children's Day" Celebration on the 30 de Abril.
And walked down the stairs in front of Casa Tortuga,
And then headed toward the muelle (boat dock)We walked past Om/Olga's beautiful new building where she is running a little snack store I think. At least someone is in front of the building.And at the dock we found lots of pelicans.This is currently my favorite photo. I call it "Bird with Beak up his Butt", in memory of various people, who won't be named here.

We headed out, cruising by all the Chacacla beach sites, which look different from the water. Just what I needed, a change of perspective.
Above, on the left, is a wonderful, affordable place to stay, Mirador, owned by Isreal and Chata. Then next is the new Villa Celeste/remodeled Casa Azul. Also very nice, and not so affordable.
Below is the camping area on the south end of the beach, at Esparanza'sAnd, below Majahua, a small and lovely hotel, restuarant and amazing spa. We arrived at the little beach in about 15 minutes. We swam in the calm and clear water, explored, examined the sea life, climbed a huge rock, looked for shells, ate, talked, sunbathed, and relaxed. And snacked.

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