Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saturday in My Favorite Chacala

What a lovely day in Chacala. I slept in, until about 8am. Partly because only one dirt truck came thru about 6am, in the dark, and then no more (or at least I slept thru it) until about 8am. Very nice sunny morning.

Had breakfast on the patio, watered the plants, and had a very nice visit from a visitor who lives in Couer d'Alene and is staying at Aurora's. He and his wife have been travelling in Mexico for three or four weeks with tiny little backpacks. Very inspiring. Two shirts each. And they always look very nicely dressed. Not roaming hippies or whatever. I really liked visiting with both of them. They went with Alvaro to visit the petroglyphs this morning. It sounded like they really enjoyed the walk.

After I introduced this couple to Alvaro, at his place on the beach, I went around taking inside photos of a couple of places. Angeles's nice new units (above) , and Pati's two units (below). And the outside of Berta's new rentals. Came home for lunch, and helped the cement guys to get some water in their barrels. They were back for the afternoon, and almost finished today. Worked on the new photos and some from yesterday.

Realized I had left my battery cord for the computer somewhere on the road after dark last night. Apparently the zipper on my little computer backpack came open and the cord/battery fell out somewhere. Re-traced my footsteps to Dona Lupe's restaurant, and asked at every cuesto on the beach road. Went home, really upset about losing the charging cord. As I was going up to the house, a guy yelled out a truck window, waving the cord, and asking if it was mine. I was. He had found it right in front of the stairs on the road last night. It stood out because it was white. I was soooo happy.

Some visitors who are staying in Alonzo's cute little house back behind this house came up with a nice surprise. Cat food!!! They only sell it in bigger towns, and I have been out for a few days. I fed the kitty some chopped chicken yesterday, and a can of tuna the day before. So the cat food was a great surprise. And another very nice set of visitors. We have eaten together at Marta's (Mars Tres) a couple of nights. They own an upscale Cat Hotel in the States. Marta couldn't believe people pay more per night for their cats to stay there than her guests pay to stay in a room at Chacala.

I helped the couple who travel light, and are staying at Aurora's, to make a dinner reservation at Majahua, for tonight. Using Aurora's phone. And later on, just before sunset we walked down the beach so I could point the way. I loaned them the great flashlight some Hornsby Island people gave me last winter.

Then I visited with Esparanza and family and took photos. And then hung out with Dona Lupe, Blanca, and Euloaio at the restaurant. We spent an hour looking at the photos on this computer. And picking out the photos I will have printed for Dona Lupe for Mother's Day. The three of them really like looking at the photos of the houses and people around town. Especially their house and family. Of course.

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