Saturday, May 26, 2007

15 in Chacala, Part 2

It’s definitely summer in Chacala. It starts getting a little humid in late May, and it hits the 90’s some days. I am sleeping with a sheet, bed clothes, and the fan on low, with the windows open. Except when music is too loud.

A few nights ago was one of the very, very loud music nights in Chacala. It was a Quincenera (15th birthday) celebration for a local girl. There was a very nice Mass/Missa at the church in the late afternoon. This is the car the young rode in, from her home to the church. She was wearing a lovely dress, and looking just beautiful.The Mass was followed by a fiesta, held in the parking lot one of the beach restaurants. A parking lot sounds like a strange location for a big party, but it worked out great. All decorated and open to the sky. The weather was perfect.

There were two separate bands, one nine-man board for the church. They played lovelyt romanitc music. I kept thinking it was a wedding instead of a birthday party.I attended both the Mass and the start of the party. I had a very nice time, until the music started, that is. It was just too loud for me, and I went home. I came back later, with earplugs in. And no camera. And it gets hard to remember who likes to have their photo on the internet and who doesn't. You would be surprised who asks me to put a picture of themselves on this blog.

I hadn’t realized there was going to me another part to the ceremony, with the girl of the evening, and her escorts. This was another time when I assumed I knew what was going to happen, and guessed wrong.It was a great party. Lots of food and drinks. Probably 500 people, almost all from Chacala, or people with relatives here. I couldn’t stand the noise and left again. But I got to “enjoy” the music from my bed. Even with the windows closed and the fans on full blast. And the earplugs in.These are some of the guys from the band at the party. I think it was a very large band. And they had HUGE speakers up on a stage.

The next morning everyone gave great reports about what a nice party it was. They had to round-up even more tables than they put out the morning of the party. Bringing tables from other restaurants, etc.I love parties in Chacala. Kids, babies, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, old friends, new friends, brothers, sisters, neighbors. All visiting and laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Luckily I don’t understand enough of the conversations to understand whatever rivalries are going on.

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