Friday, December 02, 2005

Moving Again in Chacala

In mid-November I moved from my summer housesit casa (a long walk from the beach), back to Dona Lupe’s (two blocks from the beach), and now after a couple of weeks, I am moved onto the beach. Last night was my first night in my new tent, and I went to sleep with the sound of the waves. I felt so content and at home. Really, the first time I have felt just right about my space.

My move to the beach took a couple of days (well, two trips over two different days). I can’t believe how much stuff I have accumulated. I arrived in Chacala with two suitcases and a small backpack. And it took two small-sized truckloads to move my stuff down to the beach. I have accumulated a fridge, three plastic tables, six plastic chairs, a cooler, a tent, a mattress, bedding, and miscellanous kitchen stuff. And art supplies, and laptop and related equipment, extension cords and a light, etc etc etc

I am having a harder time working out how to do internet stuff since I moved down here. For quite awhile I have been spending five or six hours some days on the computer. I have my own Prodigy connection now, but I still have to find a phone line to use when I what to go online. Right now I have five families who seem to be okay with me using to their phone lines, so I kind of rotate around, trying not to wear out my welcome.

So far it’s working out okay, but living on the beach is different. People say I shouldn’t use this laptop when the air is moist or breezy because the salty moisture and sand-laden air is hard on computers. I think I will try hiding out in the tent with the window flaps zipped up. Then do my normal walk to someone’s phone line to go on-line.

There are more tourists from the US and Canada showing up – seven motor homes on the beach and two boats on the water this morning. Five of the motor homes were from Quebec, which doesn’t bode well for the local entrepenuers, at least if the rumors about French-Canadians who travel in motor homes are true. The rumor being they are very, very careful with their pesos and generally don’t spend any money in Chacala. I have only met a few French-Canadians and they were very nice, and I don’t know if those rumors are true or not. But it is interesting that local business people would be so aware of the differences between the different nationalities of gringo tourists.

I have been having a good time helping people find a place to stay in Chacala. Things are filling up but there is still room at a few places. The less expensive quartros at Aurora’s ($25 a night with bath, two double beds and covered patio), and Concha’s ($20 a night for a room with two double beds, shared bath and patio) are still open for Christmas. They are both near the beach, stores and restaurants. Check Chacala Budget Rentals or email me at for more info.

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