Thursday, December 08, 2005

Sunsets and Kids Surfing in Chacala

Another nice thing about living right on Chacala beach is watching to sun going down. The sunsets are often really spectacular. It is happening right now, as I type, and the red on the clouds is amazing. The exact spot the sun goes into the ocean is gradually moving south right now. I guess the place it sets will start moving north at the equinox on the 21st. I think I have that right.

I had noticed other times that the boys from the families I am renting my camping ramada from are out surfing in front of this campsite every late afternoon. And sometimes early in the morning, before the sun is up. They seem so fearless. Two of the boys are in their late teens, I think, and I am pretty sure these same two boys have been surfing this spot for at least two years. Another younger boy, maybe 10, seems to be learning by trying to surf about twenty feet away.

Some of the waves are pretty big, and occasionally they coming crashing in so closely together I can’t imagine how the boys survive. But they do. When the waves are at their biggest I hold my breathe and count heads after every wave. I guess I will get accustomed to their expertise after a few weeks of watching them.

I am getting nervous about more visitors from the US/Canada arriving in the next few weeks. I like it here better when I know, at least to recognize, almost everyone in town. Oh well. Tourism is a big part of the economy here, so it’s stupid for me to regret it. After all, I am a visitor too.

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