Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Ocean in Chacala is Phosphorescent

I am not sure if phosphorescent is right word, but the last two nights every wave on the Chacala beach had a beautiful sort of fluorescent glow. It’s just beautiful. Three of us just been an hour sitting in the dark watching the glowing waves It was so beautiful.
It’s still going on but I came inside to sleep, But I couldn’t sleep so I am writing.

Two of the three bike riders are still in town, camping down the beach from me. They have just finished a semester of studying Spanish in Guadalajara and are very fun to visit with. Will, one of the bike riding boys, and Mishwa, both think the glow is from some kind of algae. It is so amazing. I opened the tent window so I watch while I type. It is just so beautiful. The foamy part seems to be what is glowing, and maybe the almost full moon is adding to the light. Every time a wave crashes light bounces all around. Another lovely part of Chacala, and probably up and down the coast.

The traditional walk to the shrine for Guadaloupe did not actually happen last night. By the time they gone to every shrine in Chacala (built especially for last night and today), and had eaten some special foods at each place, it was 2am and everyone was too tired, or had to go to work, or to get the kids ready for school. So they are going tonight. A few minutes ago the fireworks went off and the church bells rang, letting everyone know it was time to met at the church and start the walk.

Oops, Mishwa just came back from the walk to the shrine. She said it was lovely. There were about forty Chacala people, including lots of teens. They sang beautifully the whole way carrying candles and she was really glad she went.

It’s kind of cold in Chacala tonight. 70 degrees F at 8pm. It’s very dewy in the morning these days, even away from the beach. I don’t remember so much dew from other years.

They seem to be more whales coming through again.

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