Saturday, December 10, 2005

Ten-speed Bicyclists in Chacala

Tonight, just before dusk, three young men from PA and CO came riding into Chacala today on their very spiffy bicycles. It’s the first time I have seen bicyclers visiting Chacala, and they caught the eye of everyone on the street. Polo, of Polo’s famous Tacos, asked me to go tell them to come eat taco’s at his stand, and one of the local kids and his dog went running alongside them. The bikers didn’t notice Edgar but they did notice me, and they stopped to talk.

They wanted to know about camping on the beach, and I pointed out the place where the road goes through the opening in the fence. I explained that I thought there might be some areas that no one collected rent on, but I didn’t know where. I also mentioned that when they used toilets and showers in town there was a charge. I also said that if everyone who camped on the beach defecated in the bushes no one could stand the smell. They looked embarrassed, and I hope they think about what I said before depositing their bodily wastes in the sand somewhere.

Anyway, they seemed like nice young men, Who knows. They had been studying in Guadalajara after college, taken the bus to Tepic and riden their bikes to San Blas, and then down the coast to Chacala. As the sun was going down they said they thought Chacala was the most beautiful beach they had seen.

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