Saturday, December 31, 2005

Families Camping in Chacala

This is New Year's Eve day in Chacala, and there have been lots of campers here since the day after Christmas. I was kind of dreading camping with so many people crammed in around my little camp. But it turns out to be very nice. The people that have been camping next to me are very friendly and I am enjoying their presence. In fact, all the people, maybe eight families in this area, are friendly and open and nice to be around.

One thing that is very different about families that are camping here in Chacala is how nice they are to each other. I have camped all over the US, and generally speaking there is alot of yelling (mother's to kids, kids to other kids, big kids to little kids, etc etc etc). Here in Chacala I don't remember ever hearing any yelling between anybody here on the beach. And I never here the sound of babies or children crying.(except when they fall down).

People seem to camp in family groups and everyone takes care of the kids. The kids are alway watched over and it never seems to get to the point where children are crying for any reason. And the kids run around playing all day, in and out of the ocean, and on the sand, without anyone overtly supervising them. Of course, the adults are always watching them, but there doesn't seem to be " Pablo, stop hitting your sister!", or "Lupe, be careful!!". The big kids love the little kids and seem to always be playing with them and helping them and including them in what they are doing. I think it is true in Chacala in general too. Big brothers and sisters take alot of responsibility for the little ones, siblings and cousins, etc, and seem to be happy about doing it.

Most afternoons the little kids that actually live on this part of the beach come over to draw and paint at my table. Ages 2 to 11 over so. And they all help each other and there is never any bickering or arguing or problems with sharing. It's really quite amazing. I keep thinking, they are just being polite in front of me, but it's been a month and they still treat each other with kindness and respect.

I just draw with them or do whatever I was doing. They even tidy up when they finish. A very nice experience for me.

It's been very cold the last few mornings. 65 degree F. Of course, in the US I would have considered it to be warm, and pleasant enough to sit outside to eat breakfast and read the paper. Sometimes I really miss reading the morning paper. Lately people have been bringing down the NY sunday Times for me, and I take a week to read it and do the crossword. I love it. I try to ignore the news part and read the travel and books sections mostly. And the magazine.

But I think my body must have gotten used to being warm all the time and I felt really cold when I got up this am. I washed my only long-sleeved shirt yesterday and it's still wet, so I couldn't wait to get out in the sun and warm up.

This is New Year's Eve, and Susana and Poncie are out partying, so I have their house (Casa Pacifica) and computer to myself for a few hours. I got a ride up here in the collectivo, and hardly had to walk at all. I did personal emails and now I am going down to Chico's for their friend and family type New Years Party. Last year it was the best New Years Eve I ever had, so I am looking forward to it.

This afternoon I had very nice time. Four of my favorite winter people came down to sit around at my palapa and talk , and to sunbathe on the beach. It was really nice for me. There are some very nice visitors here this year and I am really enjoying their company. Some of my favorites left today, and I know I will miss them.

My probably broken toe still hurts alot and walking up to Susana's and back is really annoying. But this morning a taxi came by just as I got onto the main beach road and I got a ride to Susana's. Hooray. Good taxi karma I guess.

The unending problems with maintence and maid services at Casa Azul finally reached a peak this week, and they are no longer taking reservation. The people who had reservations there are being offered other options.

The beach is much cleaner than last year, and so are the town streets. Even with the hoards of tourists from Guadalajara, etc. The day after Christmas there were 50 buses of tourists.

But by tomorrow they will basically be gone until Easter week.

If you read this blog regularly and would like me to know about you, please e mail me. It has been interesting to meet people who had been reading this, and it makes me curious about who else is reading it. My email is I have had other email addresses listed here and I check them everyday too.

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I don't charge the people who own the rentals or the renters when I find a match. I am doing the little website to help the landladies who have no way to advertise in English, or even to advertise, and to try to payback Chacala for offering me such a lovely place to live.

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