Friday, December 02, 2005

Life on Playa Chacala

I can’t believe I waited so long to start living on the beach at Chacala. I think I was afraid to try camping in such a new environment, and with no Spanish. But I have loved camping all my life, and I should have moved onto the beach in Chacala sooner. In the US I camped on mountain lakes and on slow rivers in canoes and kayaks. This is very different, and I love it.

I’ve been in Chacala two years next week and it finally feels like I am in the right place. I am camping under a palapa at Esperanza and Leovardo’s, and right now I am the only camper here. My lovely son and ex bought me a very nice tent and a foam mattress, so I am living in total comfort. I am starting to look for a new hammock, but it will be awhile before I can afford one.

This morning I was sitting at my little table under the palapa, kind of mesmerized by watching the waves, when I realized the sea was alive with fish jumping around. Then a pelican arrived, landed right in the middle of all the fish turbulence, and the fish scattered in a second. The pelican kept diving but he finally gave up.

Then a minute later a fisherman walked out into the water to about chest high and started casting for fish. Didn’t hook anything and the waves started getting pretty tall, and he finally got knocked over and came in. Then a dog came by and found a dead fish and had a great time tossing it around until it fell apart into pieces and the dog wandered off.

I love going to sleep with the sound of the waves crashing. I love the smell of the sea. I love being outside all day. I love watching the ocean, and the sun moving across the sky, and the family here. Lots of kids. I played futbol with Carlos, aged 6, this morning. I love swimming whenever I want to, all day. What a life.

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