Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Tourist Season Has Begun

Well, things are starting heat up around here. There are a few motorhomes on the beach, a few boats out in the harbor, and more gringo faces in the retaurants, and on the beach. I have the impression there are more long-term (month or more) visitors in town this year. Local people are still hurrying to get thing done, and some of the contruction projects are still going full-blast. The flower blossoms are starting to fade. We have only had about 10 minutes of light rain for almost two months. Things are still green though. My landlord from where I housesat the last two summers is back in town, as are a few other old-timers here.
I am moving to the beach in a few days.

I wa invited to three birthday parties last week and had a great time at each of them. My favorite was for Alexis's 6th birthday. We had cake and coke at the beach, just a few of us, and it was very very sweet. I love it that I know some many kids here. Any watching grow them from right after birth until two years old is very neat.

I have the impression that little boys here generally have alot more contact with other males, dads, uncles, grandads, cousins, etc than most boys at home. You often see little little boys riding with their dads in trucks, or coming to work with them, or whatever. Unfortunately, you don't see the girls with their dads but I guess that's another story.

I am using a horrible keyboard at one of the computer places in Las Varas. I am here because I couldn't get change for a 50 peso bill anywhere else. I couldn't get any change from anywhere. I needed change so I could pay the surcharge on a package I got at the postoffice. They don't have change there. You have to have your own change.

The whales are here. Saw three yesterday and a couple the day before. Incredible.

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