Thursday, December 22, 2005

Peope Who have Read My Blog Coming to Chacala

Something I had never imagined has been happening the past couple of weeks. People who have been reading my blog about Chacala, this blog, have been actually coming to Chacala, and introducing themselves to me. I am usually at Casa Pacifica in the morning, and people coming for breakfast at the Cafe upstairs come by to say hello. Or come by my camp on the beach to visit.

It's been very nice for me. I have been having email converstaions with some of these people because of the blog, and others have just been reading it. It's really nice to meet people and talk with them about Chacala and their reactions to being in Chacala after reading my impressions.

One interesting thing, at least to me, is that it is not apparent to many people who are reading the blog what gender I am. That is interesting to me, and when I get a chance I am going to go back and re-read things with an eye to identifying my gender. A man told me that since I was talking about grounding the electrical system at one of the houses that he assumed I was male. Whatever. And apparently I mentioned my son and ex giving me a tent for camping and people read that both ways. As I said, I am going back to take a look.

Anyway, Casa Pacifica is having a Christmas Day potluck at 5pm for people visiting Chacala, etc. I don't care for Christmas and usually ignore it, but I might come to that. There are alot of nice people around, and how knows, they might have some good books or magazines.

I will probably be going to Chico's Christmas Eve, but who knows. I think we have going to have a little campfire tonight at Esparanza's (where I am camping) and I like that idea. People will be arriving today and tomorrow for the holiday season and I am half dreading the noise, etc, and half looking forward to it.

Some people were over at Las Cuevas yesterday and saw very large manta rays out where they were swimming. Apparently they don't have stinging tails, but it kind of scares me. Next time I can get a boat ride over there I am going to look.

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