Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More Building in Chacala

There is another new building going up on the second tier of lots in from the paved road into Chacala, going north from the new hotel. They have been creating a road to the back lots the last few days. I don’t know what is being built but, it appears to be more that a one-lot construction site. P.S. (written later, it turns out part of that road will be an access road to the back of the new hotel.) And access for the houses to be built on the second tier of lots on the uphill side of the paved road.

The is also a new road being built in Chacala from the paved road down to the beach road. At the beach road it will come out between Koko Bongo’s and on the paved road it starts just in front of Augustine's the first of the four buildings on the downhill side of the paved road, right before the corner where the cobblestone road goes down to Juan’s tienda and the beach road. It seems like a pretty steep location, and I guess it will add value to the lots on either side of the road. One of the lots Leo of Koko Bongo’s is selling is on the slope on the north side of the new road. Probably a decent view lot.

The lot directly downhill from Gordon’s and across the road to Casa Pacifica now has an ugly (in my opinion) motor home parked on a bare dirt fill lot with no trees, plus a bright red truck with a gold camper parked next to it. It looks like a junky trailer park. Just what Chacala needs. A gringo slum.

The people with the motor home are still camping next to the beach. It sounds like they paid up and then refused to pay for any more nights because soon the Christmas vacationers will be in Chacala and camping around them so they shouldn’t have to pay. I was told that in Spanish, so I may have misunderstood. I haven’t seen if the police returned yet or not.

I spent 15 minutes picking up their garbage this afternoon. They and the guy from the US who is squatting in a shack on the beach, have been leaving plastic shopping bags of garbage next to the road. Of course, the dogs were tearing open the bags and spreading the garbage all around. Chacala is entered in a clean town campaign right now, with prizes, and their litter was the only trash on this whole section of the road. Sometimes it’s really embarrassing to be an American (or in this case, I would be embarrassed if I was French-Canadian).

If you would like to look at other websites about Chacala this website might interest you.

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