Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas in Chacala

This is Christmas Day. Generally it's not my favorite day in the year, but this has been a very nice Christmas. I had dinner last night with Aurora's family, and slept all night. Got up and had a great breakfast and then slept half the morning away.

Someone brought me today's Sunday NY Times. Heaven is lying in my hammock alternating between watching the ocean and reading the Times and doing the crossword.

Had a nice lunch and read in the hammock and visited with people coming by to say "Merry Christmas". My favorite Scottish Doctor and wife team, David and Emma, came along with their kids, Dougal and Hamish, and we ate peanuts and visited. Very nice people and I love seeing their kids little blonde heads at the beach. Quite a contrast. David is voluntering at a clinic in Las Varas for about five months, before the family returns to start a new medical practice in Scotland.

Chacala is sort of empty compared to last year. Empty of masses of celebrating people from Guadalajara, etc, but full of gringos. Full being 8 boats, 10 motor homes, and five vans, and about about 50 from the US and Canada stayiang around town. (coorection, Monday morning. People starting arriving late last night, and the town appears to be filling up for the local school vacation period).

As I write this, Susana and Poncie's Christmas potluck is starting up on the terrace upstairs, and it's been a very nice day. It was in the low 80's all day. Clear and beautiful sky with green ocean water and kids playing and families picnicking on the beach.

Everyone else is dressed up at the party and I am wearing shorts and a tee shirt, but I brought a shirt that is slightly better than a tee shirt. Oh well.

I hope everyone is having a nice day today.

(Followup: the dinner was great. Excellent food and nice company.- I had kind of been dreading a kind of cocktail atmosphere level of conversation, and it wasn't like that at all. I think Chacala attractions some very nice and interesting people.

Although I like the summers best here.

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