Monday, December 05, 2005

Christmas is Sneaking into Chacala

Christmas is Sneaking into Chacala

I knew it was going to be a long walk from my beach camp to the far north end of Chacala (Casa Pacifica, and even Trini’s) but I was really tired by the time I finished by rounds this morning. I went to Dona’s Lupe’s to finish packing up my stuff, cleaned the quartos for Cleve’s arrival here in 10 days or so, visited with Aurora, used Susana’s internet connection, visited with a bunch of people around that end of town, bought an extension cord, and visited here and there on the way back into “downtown” Chacala. I stopped at Polo’s and Berta's taco stand for a Coke break. He has the first serious/permanent banner across the street for his Taco stand, in addition to excellent tacos. I imagine in a month there will be twenty of them across the street all the way down the beach road.

It looks like the new construction on the tiny lot going uphill toward the school is a house for Juan (of the Joker tienda, his wife Mime and their baby Jesus). Paul’s (the one who is building some rentals and planning to open a surfboard/gym place in town) construction is really moving along fast now. The Canadians house back off the paved road is looking very nice, and a lot of it is plastered with cement now.

The Xmas spirit is creeping around Chacala, house by house. Lights here and there, a few shrines, and a lovely (artifical) tree at one of the houses near the hardware store. The "owner" of the the motor home campground, is creating another large Christmas tree-like creation in front of the Delphin Restaurant. It’s made of lights wrapped along ropes that go at least twenty-five feet high up a palm tree.

There are some days honoring Guadalupe coming up next week. Guadalupe seems to be very important around here, with night pilgrimages, and special events, etc. This is only my third Christmas season in Chacala. The first year I was here I only saw one house with Christmas lights. Last year they were everywhere, and this year all kinds of Xmas stuff is popping up. Guadalupe with blinking colored lights and tinsel around her portrait for example. Poinsettia plants (called Nochebuena) are showing up. Sam’s Club had real Christmas trees last week. Kind of creepy, really.

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