Monday, July 03, 2006

Too Too Hot in Chacala

I think this is a poiciana tree, but who knows.
It's still blooming around town.

It's too hot in Chacala, and the general opinion seems to be it's because we have only had a very few, very light sprinkles so far in this "rainy season". It is so very hot and humid. Maybe like Washington DC and New Orleans. Everyone finds different ways to cool off, mostly involving getting in the shady spot with a breeze. Lying down is good too. In a hammock, on a mat on the ground, or using two plastic chairs as kind of a lounge. I am lucky because this house is very well designed to catch breezes. And no glass to get in the way. Only screens. I think it's the coolest place in town most of the time. Ignoring the gated place which seems to generally have air-conditioning available in most houses.

After finding shady breeze, the next best way to get cool is to get in the water. Half the town is either on the north end of main beach or at the dinghy beach every evening. It's too hot to be on the beach until after 6pm or so. Although there are always people in the water. I think they are mostly vacationers. The shower works wells too. Or watering the plants and myself at the same time. Nothing like a nice wet tee-shirt to keep you cool for awhile.

I am thinking about taking a trip later this summer. Right now I am thinking of Colima and Patzcuaro, looping back thru Guadalajara on the way home. But it has just occured to me that my shorts, cotton shirts and flip-flops might not cut it in more conservative areas. In fact, my clothes don't even meet the dress standards of Chacala. For one thing I am not a big fan of underwear. But people seem to just ignore me and what I wear. And alot of times when they are teasing me I don't know what they are saying.

I do have two pairs of long cotton pants. I have worn one pair several times in the last couple of years. And I have a fleece vest and a jacket if it's cold. Oh well, one of my favorite things about living here is not having to even think about clothes and what to wear, and I guess I just won't start thinking about it now.

There's a website that has weather reports for everywhere, and I'm going to start taking a look at it, just to get an idea of the weather in the mountains of Michocan.

I have been totally focused on blogging for a week or so. I tidied up my typo's and errors and added Links to Friends of Chacala, started Gardener in Mexico, and cleaned up and added photos to Chacala Nayarit, and added some photos and tried to tidy up
Chacala Budget Rentals. There is something seriously odd about the hmtl's for Budget Rentals and I haven't figured it out yet. Looks sort of okay though.

I am still practicing placing photos here and there. I can't find my list of who I got different photos from, so I can attribute the photos to their owners. Somethings I think it would be fun to have a digital camera, but I probably couldn't figure out how to take the pictures or download them so I could post them.

Zipped into Las Varas this am. Lucked out with the Collectivo coming by as I walked down the driveway at 8:30am or so. Got into town, went to the PO looking for a package that I expected to arrive weeks ago (a LonelyPlanet book that somehow ended up in the US). Got some packets of microwave popcorn, toilet paper, drinking water, and some little favors for the kindergarten graduation party. I was also looking for a present for Alexis, one of the kindergarteners. Couldn't find the right thing. Don't know what I will do about that. Got home before 10am, before it got unbareable to be outside.
This an old photo from maybe three years ago, when the church was just finished, I think. No windows fans, doors, a few benchs, and no real altar or religious decorations. It looks very nice now,
but my favorite part is still the arched brick ceiling.

In Las Varas I got some little notebooks to mess around with. I have been putting my drawings on the covers of little notebooks and then covering them with that clear plastic sticky film. Looks neat. I keep my passwords and weather records, and other stuff in little books, and these are turning out pretty well.

No water today, but I don't need any for awhile, so that's okay. The sun is about a foot off the ocean and I want to run down to Aurora's so I am stopping for now.

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