Sunday, July 16, 2006

Message Boards for Gringos in Mexico

Flowering plant on the patio of one of Aurora's Techo de Mexico rentals
(photo courtesy of Nicole M.)
Since I moved to Mexico, I have gotten a lot of help from the various Message Boards available to English-speaking people living or travelling in Mexico. Thorntree/Lonely Planet, Mexico Connect, Mexonline, TomZap, Vallarta ..., Jaltemba Bay Folks, even Trip Advisor are all very helpful.

These boards, and several others, have members/posters who are very helpful people, with lots of really good information about life here, including everything from hostels to bus routes to visas to buying property, and answers to whatever questions you might have.

I would caution anyone, however about "joining" the Morelia Connect board. This is a Yahoo-supported member-only Board which provides not only information, but spamming, trolling for customers, and a very personality-disordered member.

Pinata time in the churchyard, for Daniel's birthday party
(photo courtesy of Nicole M.)

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