Friday, July 07, 2006

Kind of a Bummed out Chacala Day

Well, here's some Chacala updates.

Last night the folks at the new huge white building with the swimming pool on the second floor had some kind of live (I think) music until 11:30pm. It's quite a ways from this house, and sort of buffered by the landscape, but it was so loud I couldn't hear the phone ring or much of anything. This morning I asked my neighbors where the noise was coming from, and they all covered their ears. I'm not sure if someone forced them to turn the music off at 11:30pm, or what. Usually that kind of noise goes on til 2:30am or so. Thank god it stopped sooner. We have been making jokes around town that it's a casino, and I think it might be true. The inside certainly does not look like a house. It's right across the paved road from the new hotel. I don't imagine their guests will love the noise if it's going to be a regular thing.

Of course, when the hotel opened last Christmas, they played the loudest music I ever heard until 2:30am for three nights in a row. And there were no guests in the public areas the second and third nights. It was so loud you could here it at Mar de Jade.


The hardware store is finishing their second floor. I have been told it's the family living quarters.

The little white rental that used to have a big hole in the front yard, called Casa Serena last I heard, is getting a second story. Staircase it up. It's right next to the huge white place. I pity the owners of Casa Serena if the noise continues from the new place.

I didn't realize the big wedding down at Delphin's last weekend was for one of the son's of Chilango and Sofia, the 3rd daughter of Leo, of Kokobongo. She is fifteen and he is sixteen. Apparently, the couple is living at Delphin's.

The little house on the corner of Gracia's Techo de Mexico lot is almost done. It's for Salvatore's daughter's family. Small with very little natural light or cross venelation, but with some nice touches: tiled eating counter and tiled bathroom, for example.

Some of the local kids playing on the basketball court (fiesta spot, schoolyard, paradeground, volleyball court, graduation ceremony location, tricycle racing rink, dance floor) at the primaria (elementary school)

The ex-restaurant just south of Las Brisas'seems to be putting a second story on one of the buildings. I noticed on Susana's website that the owner wants to rent the outstairs unit for $150 a night. Probably not during construction though, but who knows.

I guess Posada Guadalupe, a three or four unit motel with a restaurant space, is for sale for $350,000USD. Noe has been doing some kind of building project down there for months. I'm not sure what it is, but probably some more rental units.

Another place on the beach is getting a second story, but I can't remember which one, maybe Tres Hermanos.

The other day I after swimming, I took a look at Om´s lot. The one in front of the dingy beach, where Om is having a building created behind the sort-of-famous stone column surrounded by a strangler figs. There´s alot of photos floating around the internet about the stone column. Luckily, Jose Enrique, Om´s brother, and owner of Majahua Resort, had designed a lovely building that sits back behind most of the stone columns. It looks so nice.

I think Chacala is luck to have it´s one older "structure" saved from vandals, picnickers, and the weather. (Added later: And I appreciate how Jose Enrique designed the building even more, now that I see that in Morelia they are doing the same thing. Saving the oldest pieces of the town by building kind of around them, often protecting the special places with roofs, to keep the rain off the older pieces.

Chad, of Casa Tortuga, and his Dad Wayne, and some guy friends are here for a few days. They nicely gave me a ride into Chacala from the Crucero yesterday. Juan was driving them up from airport in one of his families Taxi/Van's. Brothers Cundo and Juan do airport pickups and take tourists on trips, like to San Blas.

The two other building projects near the church are moving quickly. One is a rental and I think the other is a vacation home for a family from the US.

This afternoon/early evening was a wonderful graduation ceremony and fiesta honoring all students in Chacala, particularly the 6th and 8th grade graduates from the Chacala primary and telesecundaria school. It was put on mostly by Trini and Aurora, with help by other people, including Leo and the EBACH kids. Large turnout, more than a 150 people when I left after the ceremony and entertainment. There was going to be dancing, and beer, and soft drinks were being iced when I left. I don't know how things went, but it started raining heavily about 8pm, and I can't hear the music, so I don't know what's happening. I don't think they would keep all the music speakers outside in the thunder and ligthning, but who knows.

Sunday early am I am leaving for a short (in days) bus trip to Morelia and Patzcuaro, seeing friends in both places. I am really looking forward to the trip. I haven't figured out how I am getting into Las Varas in time for the 6:30 am bus to Guadalajara, but I know it will work out.

I had a kind of crummy day yesterday and today. Still working on my social skills and my "avoiding the bad guys" skills I guess. Or getting some instant karma. Oh well, I'll probably feel better tomorrow. Henia and her sister and their kids are coming up in the morning to make chocolate cake from a mix. A much planned event that keeps getting put off.

Remember Trini and Cundo´s new website, Chacala Escape has detailed information about airport pickups, boat rides for whale watching and surfer trips to La Caleta, and tourist trips to special places in the area, like Alta Vista.

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