Sunday, July 23, 2006

Overcast in Chacala

Not sure who took this, maybe Ramona H.
I am struggling with the idea of getting a digital camera. Which I clearly can't afford. Besides, I probably couldn't figure out how to take photos with one, or how to download pictures onto my trusty little Mac. But I keep thinking of pictures I could take. One of the young adults in the computer group that has been working on the Paraiso Chacala website has a camera now. I am hoping he will take some pictures for me. And will know how to download them.

I was hoping he would come by yesterday, but he never did. Everyone else in the world did. Well, not everyone. But two visits by Maria, two by Juan, one by Juan Luis, one by Trini, one by Berta, a (very creepy) guy begging for a rehab center, Maria's husband, looking for aluminum cans, the garbage guy, the Coke truck, and on and on.

Nice day actually. I set up my tent (the one I used last winter, camping on the beach) on the veranda. I was hoping the rainstorm would clean it up, and it did, sort of. I scrubbed it with the plastic brush today. But two of the longer poles are useless now. One snapped where the metal channel corroded thru and the other one won't fold up. I have used a can of WD40 on the poles and zippers. The zipper are continuing to build up salts, every when the tent was put away in closed container. I am re-lubricated all the parts, hoping it will be okay for next winter. This tent came from Mexico Walmart and it was made by the Swiss Army (knife) company. It's a piece of sh.... They sold a bunch of them because you see them all over the beach. With poles broken and zipper doors stuck open. Zippers not working. Nice layout though.

Berta and Chicho and I went to the plant nurseries near La Penita yesterday, and Chicho did a few errands in Guayabitos and La Penita. I was a nice ride. And I got two sacks of dirt and some very nice plants. I am a happy camper. And if I had a camera, I could take pictures of them. I am going to go at Consumer Reports or something and see if I can figure out what might be good enough and cheap enough. A new playtoy for me.

I was surprised how hard it was to have something valuable (my laptop) when I was living in a tent on the beach. Had to figure out what to do with it everytime I left camp. But I love it to death and don't care how much responsibility it is. These new cameras are little enough to put in your pocket I think. And then there's the corrosion issue too, I suppose. Oh well, it was a good idea while it lasted.
One of the boats Cundo's group uses for
taking surfers to La Caleta,
fisherman fishing
and tourists whale watching
families to deserted beaches for picnics
I think this photo is taken by Ramona H.
Chiquita, the little neighbor dog, is here all the time now, except when she runs home to eat. I don't give her food, but I do have water for her. Whenever she returns she drinks a whole bowl full. She's a very smart little Jack Russell, and I really enjoy her company. I don't know why she isn't staying over at her house, but I am guessing she prefers to avoid little children, and thare some staying there for the summer.

I can't believe how many bugs there are here every morning. Dead bug and moth bodies all over the floor, and on the patios under the windows too. Probably two big dustpans full every morning. I don't walk around barefoot because the dead bodies stick to the bottom of your feet. And because I am nervous about stray scorpions. I have to wash the floor every few days to remove the residue from the dead bodies. Ugh, ugh, ugh.

I am brushing off the moth wings off the window screens, using a plastic bristle brushy, maybe three windows everyday. It's too disgusting to do more than that.

I am still thinking a lot about going somewhere else next winter, if I can afford it. Sometimes I have a strong desire to be in a more stimulating environment. Of course, lots of the visitors to Chacala are VERY interesting, and I really enjoy meeting them and talking. But they are usually only here for a week or two. I guess I will ignore the where to live next winter question for now. I do have my name on a lot of housesitting websites, so maybe something appealing will come along. So for I have no interest in going back to the US. Although I am curious about Puerto Rico (colony of the US).

I am thinking I might use the tent for an extra bedroom for me if I have any company this summer. My first summer, when the bugs were driving me crazy when I tried to read at night, I slept in my tent, with the light outside the screened windows. That worked pretty well. If it gets much worse with the mosquitoes and whatevers, I might try it again.

I am keeping very happily occupied, with lots of projects besides plants and housecleaning. I have been making little notebooks with little covers I have drawn, and painting and decorating (with religious pictures mostly) little wooden boxes. I got the boxes in Patzcuaro, but I think they were made in China. Strange thing.

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