Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Quick Trip out of Chacala and into the Nursery

Desert Rose
Rosa de la Desierto
Adenium Obesum

When we went down to the vivero (plant nursery) a few days ago, Benjamin, the owner, showed me some some Desert Rose cuttings, about 8-10 inches tall. I wanted Berta to go to back in the far corner of the vivero to see them, but she didn't feel like it. While I was trying to convince her to come look, planning to buy her some of the plants, Benjamin dropped the price from 10 pesos to 8 pesos (80 cents). I thought about that price and those sweet little, well-rooten plants for the next few days.

And I woke up this morning, wanting to head for hursery. Which I did. Jumped up, ate, showered, brushed my teeth, and took my sack of laundry (sheets and towels) and a plastic chair down to the road, to wait for a ride. Sitting in the chair, rather than standing or walking, is my new technique for waiting when the sun isn't up very high yet. I only waited about three minutes, when my neighbor, Jesus, came by and gave me a ride to the lavanderia in Las Varas. It was so early Lulu wasn't opened yet, but she must have seen us drive up, because she came hustling out of her house and unlocked the lavanderia for me.

Headed for the ATM and the Correo. The book my friend sent at the end of May still isn't here. I am always surprised by how little money I have in the ATM. Walked over to the La Penita combi stop, and the combi was just leaving. Rode down to the vivero, got my plants, went back out to the highway to wait for a combi. Lucked out. The combi I flagged down was the same combio, headed back to Las Varas. Got off at the Crucero de Chacala and a minute later Juan, the electrican came by, heading to Chacalila and going right past my house. Perfect. He has an old 1976, I think, sedan, that he's had for 20 years and it very proud of. I enjoy running into him. He is always friendly and calls out my name, and offers me rides.

Took my plants out on the veranda to let them get used to their new home. Cleaned house, entertained various visitors, computed for a hour, petted Chiquita, and microwaved some popcorn, and had popcorn and Cokes with the Coke truck guys.

Now, siesta time, and then time to plant the new plants. I feel so rich with plants and dirt right now.

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