Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Rainy Rainy Chacala

View from Las Brisas, looking south on Playa Chacala
Noticed a few new things around town today. Besides the flooded roads and the lake between the paved road and the little beat-up beach stores and restaurants. People say crocodile is back in the little lake, but I haven't seen it yet.

The small construction road that briefly served the new yellow house is no more. Filled in with dirt, and a new house foundation has been built next to it. And right next to Benjamin and Aurora's little cement block house with garden. Aurora said her father-in-law with a fat wife was going to be living there. But hopefully I missed some crucial piece of that conversation, because that sounds bad. We, Aurora and I, agreed to do a plant trade tomorrow. She has a nice hanging plant with purple under the leaves and sweet little blue flowers. And she wants a Desert Rose. Happily, I have some. Aurora and Benjamin seem to have one of those lovely Mexican relationships where she is isn't allowed out of the house without him, unless, of course, she is going to work. Whatever.

Haven't gotten the latest Telmex phone bill yet. It's usually hand-delivered by one of the kids. The bill for this house is paid automatically, but I want to make sure I didn't go over the 100 call a month Telmex limit. This bill will be the first bill that covers dates I was actually staying here. Telmex has a two month lag in billing.

Tomorrow is the weekly floor scubbing day at this house. Luckily, the owners have a little floor cleaning machine, like a vacuum cleaner. I am dreading it thought. The machine is fine. It's moving all the furniture back and forth that gets old. It has to be done though. The bug-guts really stick to the floor and sweeping isn't enough.

This past week or so I have had a bunch of contacts from old friends who I haven't connected with for a long time. Partly at my instigation, and partly out of the blue. The internet is amazing for finding old friends you have lost touch with. Nice to hear about other peoples lives, and makes me a little sad. I am having a brief moment of missing my old life and old friends. But I wouldn't go back to that life for anything. This is a much nicer life for me. More my style, I guess.
It's amazing to me how my expectations get in the way of my life. The bread truck vendor (sweet rolls and white bread rolls that I like for making little pizzas) didn't have any plain rolls when he came by last night. The driver, Lalo, has this new horrible horn that sounds like a European ambulance. So tonight, when I was waiting around for him to come by, I was listening for the horrible horn. But he just did the regular horn, and by the time I realized it was the bread truck, he was too far away to catch up with. Rats. No little fake pizza.

But if I had kept in my mind that he could use either horn, I would have had time to catch him. I should have known he wouldn't use it at this house because I was giving him a hard time about how loud it was when he came by last night. Never assume. My friend that lives in Patzcuaro says that alot. And it's true. All my stupid little assumptions tend to get in the way of what it really happening.

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Sender-Barayon-Morningstar said...

Hi Andee!
Just played 'catch-up' with your adventures - Guadalajara, etc., and glad to read that you continue to enjoy life and find things to do. Hopefully you'll notice you have a 'comment' here, but if not I'll also e-mail you, although I'm not sure you're getting my e-mails - the last one some months back wasn't replied to.
All well here! Envy you your fun life south, although mosquitoes are not our favorite creatures!
(Sure was hot here last week, though!)