Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Missing Chacala, Loving Patzcuaro

I got to Patzcuaro mid-day today. I got a lovely room at the Posada de al Salud. It´s more pesos than my place in Morelia, and it´s really nice. $20USD, and I am here for two nights, then leaving town on the third night on the 11:30pm bus to Guadalajara (arriving there at 5am). The bus is $17, and it's really comfy buses with reclining seats and leg rests, so it should be all right. Plus I have the earplugs Nancy brought down last fall. They have been lifesavers, especially at the hostel, where people come and go early and late.

It´s kind of chilly here, but I have a fleece vest, so it´s okay. I even have socks if it gets really cold. My room is about two blocks from the two town squares, which are really beautiful, with trees and benches and grass and lots of people. And this a town for shoppers. There are things to buy everywhere. I am resisting so far, but it´s very tempting. I have brought gifts for all the people in Chacala that have brought me gifts when they went on trips. Payback time. I am still really liking Guadalupe stuff, and have gotten nice cheap things that I really like. And lots of plain little wooden boxes that I am going to decorate. And some oilcloth, my favorite "fabric" at the moment.

I have a friend here, who was in Chacala last winter when I was staying on the beach. He is here for four months I think, and lives right next door to where I am staying. We are going to get together later. He has a car and I think we are going to doing some driving around tomorrow or Friday. There´s a big market Friday morning here, and I am looking forward to wandering around. This is a big tourist town for Mexican families on vacation and it´s really fun to sit at a table and watch the kids being kids.

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