Friday, July 28, 2006

Talking to G and K

I have been fooling around with using Skype and SkypeOut for about a year, off and on. Currently I am using SkypeOut, where I type in my friend's phone number on the computer, and my friend answers on his phone. For the person being called it is a normal phone call, and it costs me, on the other end of the line, (using my computer and headphone with mike) about 1.5 cents a minute.

The downside is is works much better if the computer is hooked up to a wireless or high-speed connection. This house has dial-up, and usually I walk over to a neighbors if I was to make a Skype call or download something large. Mildly inconvenient for me, but it's really nice to be able to talk to friends on the phone.

Last night my brother, my sister-in-law, and I, talked for a long time on Vonage. They live in Seattle. We tried the SkypeOut but there was too much of an annoying time-lapse. It was so nice to talk to them. They always make be feel good. Saying nice things about this blog and the gardening one too.

They are both very artistic, especially with decorating their apartment in Seattle. It's wonderland of clever things, recycled things, my brother's artwork, all kinds of stuff. You have to go there many times so see all the little special touches. And they are the nicest, sweetest kindest people you can imagine. When I used to go to the Northwest Flower and Garden Show I could sleep on their couch. It was so much to lie there and see so maybe special little surprises, all over the place. It makes me feel so good to talk to them. And, of course, I was the world's crummiest older sister. It makes me sad to think about what a jerk I was to Gus.

We talked some about what it would be like to live in Puerto Rico, mostly because it's US and Medicare works there. If you have Medicare, that is. I like the idea that Spanish is the primary language there, and that it's an island. I looked at PR alot when I was thinking about where to live. Never went there though. It's got the same drawback as Hawaii. If you to have alot of money to get there (on a plane).

But it's something to think about and I appreciate the idea of living next to family more than I ever did before. ( The importance of family in) Mexico must be catching.

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Anonymous said...

I look forward to your blogs. Check your blog every day. We are planning on visiting Chacala this winter. It is nice o hear that you want to feel closer to your family.