Thursday, July 13, 2006

Doing my Laundry in Patzcuaro

Last night I had dinner with my friend here. He has a really nice Blog about Patzcuaro with wonderful photos. He has been living here since Springtime. And has lived here other years. Before we walked downtown he showed me his lovely little casita. The compound he lives in is right next door to the Posada de la Salud, but you would never know anyone lived there. From the street there's just an old wall and some beat-up wooden doors, but when you get inside there are two patios and about eight rentals. Some apartments and some B&B type set-ups. Really private, with lots of flowers and vines and beautiful pottery and glass things all around.

We walked down to the small town square and ate outside, across from the park, at the Gran Hotel restuarant. Chicken enchiladas. Very good, and good company too. I love sitting around eating and talking and people watching in Mexico. In Mexico it seems like there is always stime to just relax watch the world go by. There are lots more indigenous people here than around PV, and some of the faces are so beautiful. I was picking out some Guadalupe cards at the religious objects store, and the lady thought it was really funny that I wanted dark-skinned Guadalupe's instead of gringo-looking ones. But she went in back somewhere and found some for me. She also had a couple of Christ with dark skin, which I haven´t seen much of in Mexico.

I found the shop when I was walking back to the lavendaria, where I had left my dirty clothes this morning. I was a long ways away from the lavendaria when I realized I had left my umbrella in the laundry bag. I got really really lost trying to find the lavenderia again. Finally found it, and found the religious objects place too. So it all worked out.

I had breakfast sitting outside eating rolls spread with butter and jam. I got the jam from the Hotel Gran. They have those little packets, and they wouldn´t let me pay for a few of them. And I got some bananas and nectarines (ripe and delicious) from the very large outside fruit and vegtable market.

So I sat outside in the larger plaza eating and watching a political demonstration going on in the plaza. There were about 300 people listening to a younger woman with long, dark, wavy hair talking about something. There were women and men with signs too, but I don´t really understand what side they are on. I am assuming it´s about the corrupt election process issue. There are a bunch of soldiers at the Elections Board place, with guns, etc. I guess everyone is worried about demonstrations.

This internet place is set so I can watch out the door and keep an eye on the demonstration. And it is definitely growing. I am on my way to walk around the markets until my laundry is ready. Then I am going to start looking thru all the craft shops. There are some amazing things, and some things I would love to buy. But moving to different living spaces every six months doesn´t work well with collecting objects. So I will probably resist, except for little gifts. And hopefully some succulent plants.

I am meeting my friend later for dinner and more exploring. Tomorrow we are going driving around Lake Patzcuaro. There are little villages all around the lake, and most of them specialize in one particular craft, like pottery, or copper or something. I have been reading a little about Patzcuaro´s history, and it is very interesting. But I won´t go into it here.

At the moment Chacala seems far, far away, but I know it will feel good to be home. Warmer too, probably too warm.

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