Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Warm, Overcast Chacala Day

It's about 6pm. It's overcast and humid in Chacala, and not nearly so hot as it has been. The waves are normal. Big enough to body surf, but safe for kids. A normal ocean for Chacala.

It rained quite a bit last night, and the dirt roads have big, big mud puddles. And the paved road had nice big muddy potholes. Slows those trucks down. The power didn't go out last night. Hooray.I spent most of the day puttering around in my little garden space, and writing some stuff. And trying to re-organize my workspace so I can keep the windows open when it's raining.

Last night I was lying on my bed reading. Little moth-like things keep landing on me. I finally got up and looked around. There was a huge swarm of little moths on the wall over my bed. I don't know how they got in. I swatted and swatted and swatted them with a flyswatter and finally killed them all. And then swept two dustpans full out the door and down the stairs. Ugh.
I don't know where they came from and I hope they don't come back.
I went swimming just before dark last night, and the water was perfect. I went swimming with a nice family that's visiting here. Two very nice children who are interested in everything. The father's special area of interest in "cultural geography", a term I was not familiar with. But I liked what he had to say. The little boy is very in every creepy-crawly thing, so there's plenty for him to do around here.It's nice to have just a few gringo tourists here. I think there are two sets at Mahajua and three other families in town. I think it's going to rain soon, there's a breeze coming up and I want to get home before it starts pouring.
This was the bizarre scene that gratehen i went down to the internet place on the beach road. Four giant semi's parked along the beach road. There are the trucks that are running up at down the formerly-paved road to the Chacalilla "development". I say "formerly" because the pavement has been pretty much torn up in the large sections, but the trucks speeding in and out. The drivers were having lunch here, and waving at meet and inviting me in for lunch.

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