Tuesday, June 05, 2007

People at Work in Chacala

For tourists, Chacala is a place to relax and learn and explore. But for local folks the work is never ending.
It's amazing to me how much work gets done around Chacala. People always seem to be willing to stop what they are doing to visit and enjoy each others company. And catch up on things. It seems very relaxed, but people are always busy doing things. Hauling recyclables away is one un-ending job.Local people have little stands all over town and near the beach on holidays and weekends. And tiendas that are open daily year-around.Even the kids are working in Chacala. At the stores, the tiendas, restaurants, the rentals, and, of course, at home.

Taking care of pets. Carrying loads from the store, helping out. Or even earning a living. One boy, aged 11 or 12 goes out fishing at 4 or 5am every morning, and then comes back to go to school.Or running down to the store for their Mom.Even the cats work in Chacala.

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Tom said...

Wonderful to see the recycling being done. I hope they earn a living from that hard work.

The little girl helping carry things from the store is cuter than a bug's ear.

As usual, very nice pictures.