Friday, June 01, 2007

Sunrise and Sunset on Playa Chacala

I am still practicing with the camera. Mostly on the beach here in Chacala. I think I take about 10 or 20 photos for every one I kind of like. Or want to use for something.I love the beach in Chacala. I hate the trash on weekend afternoons. I love seeing people casting their lines as their fish from the beach late in the day.I hate the stupid jetskis terrorizing the swimmers in the water. Oblivious drivers and noisy machines.I love the wet sand and rocks as the tide comes in.

And being able to camp right on the beach. As close to the water as you dare.I love how the sand covers and uncovers the rocks on the beach.

Before I came to Chacala I didn’t realize how much the sand comes and goes. I haven’t figured out if there is a rhythm to the sand coming and going. But I know it’s different each year. There was only sand in front on Mar de Jade, at the south end of the beach, for a short while mid-winter this year. And it’s gone again, at least for awhile.

You can still walk on the sand all the way down the beach right now, at least during low tide. But there are too many rocks jto swim there right now.

Of course, in a few weeks, the rocks may be totally covered with sand again.

It’s certainly not a good situation for control-freaks, because how can control the tides and the ocean, and the sand. Not me. This is the Full Moon, and last night I tried to take photos of the moon, but they didn't turn out.I do wonder what will happen when construction eventually begins on the south end of the beach. Regarding the sandy beach disappearing on a regular basis. And also about how the sewage will be dealt with.The newspapers in Puerto Vallarta regularly report on the lack of clean ocean water on the beaches there. The government apparently stopped using international standards for safe and clean ocean water some years ago. And then created a Mexican standard, which allows for much, much higher standards of pollution at swimming beaches. Oh well. I hope that doesn’t happen here.The people of Chacala met with State and country officials a few weeks ago, regarding a sewer system for Chacala. It’s hard to picture where the sewage would go. But….

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loan said...

very beatifull photos, i am from Portugal but i admire México culture