Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunshine in Chacala

This is a gorgeous Sunday in Chacala. It’s hot and humid, sunny, and breezy. The town is about half full of tourists who live in other parts of Mexico. Compostella, Tepic, Guadalajara, wherever. Even a sweet young, English-speaking couple who grew up in Brucerias. With they lovely little daughter. Ophelia's Shop on the Beach Road
Only a few tourist buses are here today, and no big noisy bands. Just the local troubadours, going from restaurant . The restaurants are full of big families and groups of friends. All ages, babies and kids thru great-grandma.Lots of people in the water. The waves are just big enough to have fun without being scary. The water is turquoise. I love it. The sand was too hot to walk on barefoot. That’s kind of unusual here, I think.There seems to be a black or brown water drainage problem coming from El Delphin, flowing toward the beach road (aw Ugh. A few local people have being asking me to take photos of these septic tank problems, and I am. The town is trying to arrange for funding of some kind of sewage system, at least on the beach. The last three (gringo) construction projects awhile the beach scare me. There’s only so much sewage you can pump into sand. Or septic tanks.There was a big birthday party being set up at Esparanza’s camping and picnic area. Yellow balloons tied everywhere, and the palm tree freshly whitewashed. And the sand raked and the tables and chairs set in the shade. Esparanza's picnic and camping area
Lots of visitors walking on the beach road, looking are touristy stuff to buy and snacks to eat. Like Tacos from Polo’s and fresh tortas (chicken, beef or pork sandwiches) at Mars Tres. The pizza guy, Victor, seems to be out of business for now. Rats!!! I loved having pizza on the weekend here.The computer guy, Gabriel arrived early on Friday and is planning to be open until late Sunday night. Very handy for me, but kind of expensive. 20 pesos an hour. But his connections are fast most of the time, and the machines work well. So far he doesn’t want to deal with Wi-Fi, but he has lots plug-ins if you bring your own computer.There are at least three gringo families staying in Chacala right now, maybe more. At Mirador, Majahua, and maybe at Nuevo Espana.Majahua's Beach Club area, right off the beach.
Majahua’s remodeling is moving quickly. The new bar, offering all kinds of beverages, will have two levels. I think it’s going to be a big hit. The view is incredible, especially the winter sunsets. Actually all the sunsets.I think there are now seven places in Chacala with swimming pools. I am not really a fan of swimming pools, because of the chemicals. But they look wonderful, and I knows they are fun for kids. And no sand. Paul’s Satow and Casa Monarca both have shallow wading areas with a low divider separating them from the deeper water. Maybe some of the others do too.I was dozing this afternoon, during siesta time, and I kept hearing this scraping sound. I finally got up to see what it was. One of the workers from the new hotel was cleaning the dirt away from the speed bump/tope. There was so much gravel and silt built up on the uphill side of the tope that the big Chacalilla development trucks were starting to speed over it again.So the worker cleared away the debris, and the topes are higher again. The downside is, he was using the extra dirt to fill in all the potholes caused by the water from the hotel’s spring. Their water runs down the paved road 24/7 , making a potholed mess. Which I like, because it slows the trucks down. Oh well. I am going back down to the beach to swim, and to have some smoked-grilled fish at Chico’s. I can’t wait.

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