Sunday, June 24, 2007

Another Sweet Saturday in Chacala

Saturday morning in Chacala tends to be busy, at least on the main street. Main Street is actually the dirt road running parallel to the beach. It’s not called Main Street. I call in the Beach Road. I am not sure what other people call it. The formal name is Calle de Chacalilla.

That's because that's where it went before the lovely little Chacalilla bay was fenced off by a 10 foot cement wall. In order to create the "development". It's funny. For several years I would say to myself, "at least they don't destroy to trees and landscape in the development". It's really pretty lovely in there. Until now. I have been told some developer is building 22 units in there, and wiping out the trees right and left as he goes. Which is against the rules in there. But who cares, right?It’s usually busy on Saturday, and especially Sunday, if the weather is clear. Folks from Guadalajara and Tepic and other towns come by bus, tourist bus, collectivo and private vehicles to enjoy the beach most weekends.And various vendors come from the small towns around here to sell whatever it is they have to sell.And most of the Chacala school kids are out picking up trash, led by the Director of the Bibliotecha program. Viki almost always has a big group out every Saturday, with big plastic bags, picking up trash and plastico.The kids got bright orange shirts a few weeks ago, and most of the kids where their shirts when they are out on a Bibliotecha or EBACH (scholarship program) project.The kids cover most of the town, but these photos are from the center of town.Some of the kids got sidetracked, admiring items at one of the tourist shops.And holding their new puppy.And riding down the road, three to a bike.School is out the first week of July. But lots of activities are being planned for the local kids.

Right now, the kids who are eight and older are preparing for their First Communion. If they haven’t already done it, that is. Three afternoons a week, at about 5pm, the church bell rings to bring to kids to class. Chata and Juanito are teaching the classes, and it looks like the kids are learning a lot and enjoying themselves.

And there another now-annual bus trip. This time to Mexico City and/or Vera Cruz. Other years the kids went to Mexico City and Guanajuato, last year to Morelia, Patzcuato, Uraupan, and somewhere else.
It’s wonderful to know these kids, and most family members, are getting a chance to see the rest of Mexico.

And, Trini and some other adults are organizing a program offering new and different activities for the kids. Really, all kinds of activities intended to inspire their creativity, and expose them to new ideas and experiences. I am really excited about this program.Of course, here in Chacala it’s still in the 90’s most days and very hot. I am on my way down to swim and go to the internet right now. At 6pm.

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Mike D. said...

Hola Andee,

Nice pictures! Looks like a lot of construction going on in Chacala. Hope it doesn't change things to much. 142 days to go....

Mike & Debbie