Monday, June 11, 2007

Rainy Season in Chacala

Chacala had it's first rain this year on Friday night. It was the first rain since mid-October last year. Except for a very brief , less than an hour, rainfall in January.

There are three or four gringo tourists in town, and six gringos who seem to be planning to spend the summer in Chacala. That's a high for summer gringos, as far as I know. Last summer was the previous high, with 3.I am not counting the volunteers at Mar de Jade, since you hardly ever see them in Chacala. But there are some volunters staying at Mar de Jade right now, working at the little walk-in clinic for low-income people in Las Varas that the owner of Mar de Jade supports.

I don't know what these little lizards are called, but they are very inquisitive and watchful. I think one was actually posing for the camera.

Construction is still going nuts. Gringolandia (7 gringo homes), my name for the area up near the gate to the development, has five building projects going on right now. But only one is for a gringo, I think.

The ocean water is lovely, perfect temperature.Congrejos (land crabs about five inches across) are absolutely everywhere, inside and out. Sneaky little creatures.I am hoping to take a bus trip to Mexico City, and maybe Oaxaca, at the end of the month. We'll see how my budget looks then. I have a lovely book with photos of gardens in D.F.. Many are open to the public. I can't wait.It's really hot and humid. It's like August already. I have sweat on my arms just sitting typing. In the shade. At 10am. Ugh. Everyone is complaining about the heat. The experts are predicting a return to a very rainy rainy season this year. That should be fun.

Last night, instead or counting sheep or congrejos, trying to go to sleep, I counted new construction and remodeling jprojects that began since I arrived here to stay, 3.5 years ago. I think I got to 38 new buildings and 33 major remodeling projects (adding rental homes mostly). I am going to make a written list this afternoon, just for the fun of it.

I think there are 40 rental businesses in town sright now, with 157 rental units not counting however maybe Mar de Jade has (maybe 45 or so). I think there are 17 construction projecsts going on right now, not counting the mysterious development. Yuck!!!!!

Flowers are starting to bloom and it's getting greener around Chacala. I love it.


Anonymous said...

Hola Andee,

Do you have any pictures of the cangrejos de tierra?

Mike D.

Dan said...

Can you eat the crabs?