Friday, June 22, 2007

3 Lists About Chacala

When my son and his Dad brought me this computer, Erik also showed me how to blog, using Blogger. At that time, no one was providing a venue for showing travellers most of the affordable rental options in Chacala. So I stepped in with this rental blog. Especially since I have a camera now, and can take photos of the rentals. It lists all but a couple rentals, with descriptions, contact info, photos, and location.

Right now, in Chacala, there are 41 rental businesses, with about 180 rental units.

In addition to Chacala Budget Rentals, there are a couple of other rental websites in Chacala. rents a variety of mostly high-end rentals in Chacala.

Since last summer, another Chacala rental website has come into play. Chacala Escape, which is operated by Trini ( She takes reservations for a number of places in Chacala. Trini is doing a great job, finding some creative rental solutions to some difficult rental requests (example: 8 adults, 7 kids, coming and going over several weeks, or a large wedding party). It helps that she knows everyone in town and almost all the owners, local or out-of-town.

This best arrangement for most rental owners is for you to contact the owner directly. If possible. The two websites I just mentioned charge the owner from 10-15% for their services.

The original website for the Techos de Mexico rentals has been revitalized by Jose Enrique de Valle, the creator of the Techos program. The Techos de Mexico site has a new address and looks great.

And some of the rentals here have their own websites operated by individual rental owners, such as Majahua, and Casa Chacala and Villa Celeste.

The following is a list of current remodeling and buillding projects here in Chacala.
Current remodeling projects in Chacala: (updated 9/2007)
Majahua: kitchen, two level bar area, public restrooms, new rental unit
Orange house across from Concha’s: house and garden remodel (done)
White house across from Lalo’s fish market:? (done)
Ana’s, uphill-bedrooms upstairs
Add-on to house behind Lalo’s house (done)
Mar de Jade: landscaping and other projects

Current new construction projects-23 (updated 9/20/07)
B&B’s house on paved road (done)
House below Ana’s on the hill
Houses on rocky slope above the paved road
G’s rentals on paved road
Clinic on paved road
House behind the corral off the paved road
House across from Gordon’s on the paved road
House next to Chacalilla wall (done)
K’s house
House behind T’s, on Calle islas Marias
House/rental northest east of playhouse
House/rental behind Kinder (done) (Casa Monarca)
Red duplex on bluff
Laura’s rental below Bibliotecha (done)
House-rental across from Hardware store (done)
Former Alicia's Techos de Mexico house
Restaurant/rental across from Marcella’s on the beach road
Realty office-apartment across the beach road from Juan’s Tienda
Laura Sura’s Techos de Mexico (1 unit) (done)

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