Saturday, June 30, 2007

Rainy Night in Chacala

I guess is really is the rainy season in Chacala. It rained heavily last night and the power went out about 3:30 am. It came back on about 10:30am.

I hate it when there’s no power to run the floor fan. Even though I have two decent, screened bedroom windows. Plus, I have the bed positioned between them for maximum breezes. But most nights it’s just too hot without a fan running. In the summer, anyway.But the heavy rains and the power outage coincided so there were plenty of breezes, with a little rain mixed in as it came in the window that faces the ocean.

I worry about the food in the fridge, especially the pollo in the freezer, when the power goes out. Oh well.

I interneted down at Gabriel’s weekend internet place on the beach road. I enjoy Gabriel’s company, but it’s more fun when his wife comes down from Tepic. She hates the congregos too, so we can joke about that.I stopped at the two main tiendas on the way home. No fresh bolillos (like French rolls, sort of) for two days. Rats. I want a chicken sandwich on a fresh roll. So I got tortillas from one of the moto guys, nice and fresh corn tortillas.

It’s about 9:30 pm and its been raining lightly for an hour or so. The power has faded off and on twice, so I am set up with some candles in a can, matches, and my flashlight. Meanwhile there’s a pretty strong breeze. I have half of each window closed to keep the rain off my stuff.

I re-arranged my work tables yesterday, to get the drawing and paper stuff away from the windows. I like it the way it turned out. I can see everything. Aurora, my favorite neighborhood was over three times today. Once to ask me to email a person who made a reservation about some details. Then to borrow my shovel. And then to bring Tom Carter’s son over to visit.Tom Carter is the reporter from the Washington Times, who wrote several articles about Chacala, and about retiring to Mexico last. That was last April. He visited here for a couple of weeks. First solo, and then with his really nice wife. His son, who is a medical school student, just finished a two week medical clinical deal in Las Varas, thru Mar de Jade. He said he really enjoyed it, especially since it was a small group of students. Very nice young man. It was fun to meet the whole family, over time.Went down to go swimming about an hour before dark. Swam with Trini and some kids. Cundo, Trini’s husband, and a really nice woman, the newest rental owner in Chacala, came down to the dinghy beach too. We had some nice gossiping and visiting. On the way home I visited with Gracia, Salva, and ChiCha at Gracia’s, and then went by the store. Still no bolillos. Rats.

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