Saturday, June 30, 2007

Views of Chacala

I don't much feel like writing anything. It was rainy most of the night last night, but the pwoer stayed on. The roads are muddy. But the sun is coming out now, and everything looks so fresh and green.

This is a view looking down the paved road from Chacala toward the Las Varas highway. From in front of Casas Chacala and Socorro's.Socorro's house and garden. (not the rental Socorro).View of Chacala from the paved roadView from my garden
The ocean is in kind of a weird mood today. Smooth and calm, and then a big smashing, crashing wave, and then smooth and quiet again. Whatever.

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Tom said...

I always have the strangest feelings when I see a half finished house like the one in your picture of the ocean.

I can't help but wonder about the story it could tell.