Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Resolutions and Rentals in Chacala

Chacala, and all of the Pacific coast of Mexico is still having some very uncharacteristic weather the past few days. I am still wearing shorts and short-sleeved shirts, but I now have a blanket on my bed, instead of just a sheet. And I will probably wear a long sleeved shirt when I go out this afternoon. But it's supposed to good by day after tomorrow. Thursday. And maybe sooner.Aurora's Techos de Mexico Rental
I am still struggling with my New Year’s Resolution. To try not to say or write mean things, etc. I can’t remember the exact language of my resolution right now. But it’s something about not being so judgmental.Isreal and Chata's Mirador Rental
Partly it’s a bad habit: being judgmental, I mean. It’s is bad enough to have judgmental thoughts, but expressing my judgments and opinions is worse. But I am having a hard time keeping my month shut and my fingers under control (when I am writing this). But I am trying. Concha's Techos de Mexico Rental
However, sometimes I think it’s a different problem. Maybe it’s more about when I should keep my mouth shut, or my opinions to myself. Casa de Iguana Rental
Antonia's Rental Units
I Tres Mars Rentals
I don’t know when it’s okay for someone to take up an issue and make a fuss (writing on a blog about it) and when it’s inappropriate. I know I have written things here that I have gone back and deleted in the light of day. Or after someone wrote to me or talked to me about something I wrote.

Socorro's Rentals
Alonzo's Rental
.I don’t know how to tell when it’s my business, or appropriate to comment on some things that go on around here. But when it appears that a local person is being abused in some way, or people are taking advantage of the lack of enforcement when they act selfishly or thoughtlessly, it’s hard not to say something. Concha's new Rental Units
People have told me that what they like about Chacala it that it’s in Mexico. Ande apparently to them that means they can do whatever they want. And a few days ago a very nice motor home person told me she wanted to pay rent but other motor homers told her she didn't have to. Very interesting.

Oh well.

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